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3rd Gen Tacoma

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YotaWerx Tuning

YotaWerx Tunes have been enhanced for increased natural power delivery, low-end power, consistent and predictable throttle response/input, significantly improve shift logic with smoother shifting, and elimination of low RPM dead pedal. The tunes boost power and keeps it dependable. 
YotaWerx tunes are offered in two different variations:
  • Active Duty - For aggressive drivers and/or heavier trucks with more weight
  • Weekend Warrior - Primarily for stock (or close to stock) trucks, and more casual drivers
What does a tune do to my Toyota?
  • It calibrates the ECU and TCU for both your engine and transmission
What does it achieve?
  • Increases MPG (this can vary by vehicle/setup)
  • Increases horsepower 
  • Fuel learning for regular or premium octane 
  • Proper shifting logic and rpm range for 4.88 and 5.29 gears (if applicable)
  • Fixes gear hunting problems
  • Improves throttle response 
We have the following variations:
  • Regular Octane (85-89) or Premium Octane (90-94) fuel
  • Stock - 33″ or 35″ tires (larger sizes available)
  • Stock - 4.88 or 5.29 gears
  • Gear Lock option (manually shift your AT transmition and it will stay in that gear until you shift). Eliminates ECT functionality to enable gearlock. 
  • Modified alternator settings for AGM battery
What does my tune include?
  • YotaWerx tune tailored to your vehicle's specs
  • TSB update (if applicable)
  • 1 FREE re-tune if you change fuel, increase tire size, or re-gear withing the fist week. 
Magnuson SC Tacoma 3.5L (2016+) YotaWerx "Stryker" tune
Are you running a Magnuson supercharged Tacoma but are dissatisfied with the Mag tune?  Bad shifiting or gear hunting that has no proper power delivery?  Consider the YotaWerx "Stryker" tune.  Available for both 90mm and 87mm pulleys. 
  • Increases power down low in the RPM
  • Elimates gear hunting
  • Enables natural driving habits
  • Increases torque & HP (Peak power is achieved within 3-4k rpm). 
Visit our IG page - For DynoChart results - N/A Dyno
SuperCharged - Dyno
Thanks to YotaWerx tune, I did not sell my Tacoma. Now I can finally enjoy it while driving, and go camping all geared up with the family. 

Robb Walters

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