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The Full Story

Our history in the offroad and tuning community goes back for more than 24 years; both of us "Marc, and Christian" have been tuning vechicles within the VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mazda communities as real ethusiasts. Between us, we have owned and enjoyed a handful of sports-cars and Toyota 4x4s'. We have even modified 1st gen Toyota's.

 In fact, we still own 1st gen Toyotas! 



As of 2020 we came together (after a get together)as a friend talk, and built Coyoza Tuning as a fun way to help the Toyota community with the 3rd Gen Tacoma factory tuning struggles. Shortly after, we were known to have the #1 tune for the Tacoma. Within the 1st year the company name and tune was sold!  Due to our success, not even 30 days after selling, we spoke and came to the conclusion that we had so much fun tuning and meeting people, that we wanted to come back better than before!

We branded as YotaWerx Tuning and became even more commited to ourselves to offer Professional level tunes that we would test to the max! Not by telling people we are the best. But by demonstrating it! So we did! By a continued approval by our customers and the professional network tuner core. 


We have over 40 years of experience in the Yotawerx team; composed of Toyota Master technicians, and Professional Performance shops (some of which you may know well).

All of us coming togehter as Professional Enthusiasts committed to offer the Toyota community exceptional performance, reliability, and smiles per galon.

We are expecting to not only to offer tuning in the future! We are looking forwards to have an open door space of professional installations of favorite brand accessories and even a few of our own creation.

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